Foreign Associates

1 Aeonic International Trade Pte. Ltd. Singapore Timber Products
2 Acmeco Ventures Sdn. BHd. Malaysia Swan Timber
3 Baltic Pulp and Paper Estonia Sack Kraft Paper
4 Bidesh Plywood Factory Pvt. Ltd. India Timber Products
5 Cahaya Malindo Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia Timber & Timber product
6 Compact Trading Pvt. Ltd. Thailand Hardboard
7 Frantschach Pulp & Paper a.s Sweden/Austria Sack Kraft Paper
8 Fujian Qingshan Paper Ind. Co Ltd. China Sack Kraft Paper
9 Horizon Pulp & Paper Ltd. Estonia Sack Kraft Paper
10 Korexim Corporation Korea Chemicals
11 Jinn Strong Industrial Co. Ltd. Taiwan ROC Industrial raw-materials
12 Long Chang Mechanical Industrial Co. Ltd Taiwan ROC Industrial machinery
13 Magnuns–Handels GmbH & Co. KG Ltd. Germany Machinery & Chemicals
14 METRO Fiber Co. Ltd. Thailand Hardboard
15 Pacific Paper Marketing Pty. Ltd. Australia All Kinds of Paper
16 Phyllis Company Limited Taiwan ROC Industrial machinery
17 P.T.  Pura Group Indonesia Indonesia All Kinds of Paper
18 Polar Paper Company U.K. All Kinds of Paper
19 Shanghai Shen-Xing Chemical Industry Ltd. China Machinery & Chemicals
20 Shau Cheong Construction Materials Co. Ltd. Hong Kong Timber & Timber product
21 Sun Myang International Inc. Korea Industrial machinery
22 Taiwan Industrial Development Corporation (TIDC) Taiwan ROC Plastic chemicals
23 Wood Sales & Development Co. Ltd. Thailand Hardboard